Everything starts with ideals

When we established Harvest in 1999, we never imagined we would ultimately grow into China's premier asset management company. Today, we rank among the largest asset management companies in China by AuM and the choice of millions of clients.

This is truly remarkable growth.

When I am asked what inspires Harvest, or what gives us the strength to keep moving ahead, I have a simple answer. Our ideals.

These are the Harvest ideals that drive us forward:


  • We work together, open our hearts, and are willing to start a dialogue with all our partners.
  • We dare to innovate, explore new methods, and create new scenarios.
  • We are passionate. We move forward and accept every moment of our journey with a smile.
  • We strive for excellence, never rest and treat every achievement as a new starting point.

These are the ideals that have enabled us to attract and serve 30 million customers. It is in this spirit that we have established Harvest Global Investments. We are determined to bring the Harvest name and ideals to the world.

You are invited to share our journey.

Zhao Xuejun
Harvest Global Investments Limited